PS/IS 315X

This project involves a lease conversion of Our Lady of Angels Parochial School, which was built in 1929, into a PS/IS public school, with an anticipated capacity of 256 children.

Located within a residential neighborhood in the Bronx, the school is on three floors, mezzanine and a basement. As typical for lease conversion projects, the Owner is responsible for exterior and heating work as well as code violations removal, while the SCA assumes the responsibility for the remainder. As the SCA’s architects, we had to define the separated scopes and coordinate the work.

To adapt the building spaces to a configuration mandated by the program and assure conformance to codes and regulations, the work covered all spaces on all floors. Because of the extensive work required on the basement floor which houses the warming kitchen, cafeteria, offices and utility rooms, it was deemed economical to remove and replace the entire floor and redesign it completely.

In addition to kindergarten through eighth grade classrooms, and the kitchen and cafeteria, PS/IS 315X contains a gymatorium, library, music suite, special education facilities, project room and administrative and custodial offices.

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