Located on a V-shaped lot with dual frontages on Prospect Avenue and on Boston Road, the Martha Watford’s Early Childhood Learning Center accommodates 180 children in 10 classrooms on two floors. A playroom, a multi-use space, administration offices and a parents’ room are located on the first floor.

In order to maximize the use of the site in conformance with zoning requirements, the facility footprint was designed to cover the entire site. Components within the building which have no street frontage and are not served by external windows are naturally lit through rooftop glazed skylights.

The intensive use of color, the whimsical articulation of interior space and the skylight filtered light combine to create a fairytale environment, conducive to the gentle stimulation of the minds of its small inhabitants.

The playful, well scaled and colorful masonry facades advertise the inner workings of the building.

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