A new addition defers to a neighborhood landmark school by utilizing the same material palette. The expanded building is knit together by day-lit corridors

Designed in 1897, the original building was designated a New York City landmark in 1991, and is SHPO eligible.  This project comprised the interior reconstruction of the original building and the construction of a 16,000 SF addition to create a state of the art primary school building.  The combined facility provides 18 classrooms, specialized classrooms, a library, a cafeteria and an exercise room.

The addition matches the brick of the original building, employs abstractions of the original façade features, and echoes the original window heights to visually blend the two. To introduce natural light and views into the central corridor of the original building, it was extended into the addition and was furnished with windows at both ends.

Wherever possible, original components such as doors and transoms were salvaged and restored. Replacements of original door casings, moldings and tin ceilings replicated the original. 

Integrating current building systems without sacrificing the historic appeal of the original design was a challenge, and the result provides a unified, accessible design while allowing the original building to maintain its charm.

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