In 1935, an open air ornate wood recreational pavilion was erected in Conference House Park in Staten Island. For nearly 30 years, families thronged to the pavilion to watch sailboats, enjoy the splendid views of the surrounding waterways, dance and listen to music bands.

After years of neglect, the pavilion succumbed to arson and was razed in 1963. After years of effort, community proposals for the reconstruction of the structure finally gained City and Borough support in 1994.

Inspired by historic photographs of the destroyed pavilion, our design situated the new pavilion on the footprint of its predecessor. Supported on timber piles, the new structure is surrounded by ornate railings. It sports a natural slate roof with cast iron cresting and copper finials. Like a phoenix which rose from the ashes, the pavilion was opened to the public and a valued part of the history and memories of Staten Island was restored.

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