Saved from the wrecking ball, this neighborhood pool is given a new lease on life. Façade transparencies enable glimpses of the water from the street

Due to the building’s deterioration and a decline in its use, this swimming pool which had served the communities of Greenpoint and Williamsburg for close to a century was slated for demolition. Our office undertook a full reconstruction which preserved the historic attributes of the original building and adapted its interior spaces to respond to the contemporary needs of the surrounding community.

The natatorium was restored and fitted with a dehumidification system which contributes to heating the water in the pool. The deteriorated roof structure was restored and the original copper ceiling replicated. Locker rooms, community activities and a fitness room adjoin the pool area. Custom indirect light fixtures minimize overhead glare.

A new transparency was created to invite use by the community. Glazed entrance doors provide views from the arched street openings into the lobby while the lobby, which doubles as a community meeting room, overlooks the natatorium through large glass expanses.

Details and colors have been utilized to complement the original design and create a congenial non-institutional environment.

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