On a site which commands optimum views of the Danube, this 7,500 sq. ft. building features a multi-use pavilion which serves as a lunchroom for Graphisoft employees and a restaurant/jazz club in the evenings. During several days a year it is converted into a conference center.

The building which rests on historic wharf crane supports has two components. Facing the water to the east is the multi-use pavilion. To the west is a structure which houses the roofed terrace, the kitchen and mechanical spaces. The two volumes are linked by the entrance lobby.

To serve the multiple functions of Conference Center/ Lunchroom/ Restaurant, the pavilion’s floor draws on theater stage technology. It is formed of independent sections which are manipulated hydraulically to create different seating arrangements.

The architecture of the building derives from the concrete ribbed shell roof which transcribes the Graphisoft quill logo into a 3-D sculpture.

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